Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday afternoon

Retrainer continues. Yesterday we were issued our new pistols, got a quick lesson on how to disassemble them for cleaning and got to shoot a box of ammo on the range to familiarize with the specific operating characteristics of the weapon. It's a SW M&P 45 cal. It seems like a good firearm but I haven't fired it enough to form an opinion.

Today was unarmed self-defense. Batons, handcuffing, take-down techniques. Today was relatively painless.

Tomorrow we do some more familiarization on the new firearms then we'll qualify for record. The weatherman is calling for temps of 96F with a heat index of 107. I'll have a cooler filled with ice and bottled water. It'll be fun.

I need to clean that firearm some time tonight and get my gear ready for the range tomorrow. There's very little to get ready as most of it I carry on-duty anyway.

I guess I'll head on over to Instapundit and Hot Air and check the news.


Old NFO said...

I'll be interested to know where it shoots for you. I've tried one with all three palm swells and STILL got an NPOA of 1:30 (high right)

Pawpaw said...

Good question, and I wished that I could answer it for you. At 25 yards it seems to shoot (230 grain WWB) about three inches high. BUT, and this is a big BUT, that's only after fifty rounds of ammo and me learning the new trigger. I shoot double action revolvers okay, but I've never tried a crunchenticker pistol. Never fired a Glock in my life. I think most of my aiming problems are trigger control.

After I've put a couple of hundred rounds through it, I'll know more about it.