Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I came home today to find two nieces swimming in my pool. That's all right, of course, as they're always welcome.

Gabrielle, and Rachel in the innertubes. Rachel is visiting from Knoxville and the girls were trying to find relief from the heat.

My sister Patty taught Gabrielle all about getting into the pool when we're not home. It's generally always open for family. They know how to get into the pool house and we keep beverages available in the pool house. My sisters just re-stocked that refrigerator because the girls were mentioning that all we had in that fridge was beer and sugary kid drinks. The fridge is now stocked with proper drinks for teenaged girls.

It's good to have them over.

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Anonymous said...

I thank you for hosting them and saving them from the heat. Your nieces adore you and their aunt...they love the time they get to see you! :)