Thursday, November 30, 2017


Sarah Hoyt pens a powerful piece voer at PJMedia, about victimization and the current crop of abusers in the news.  A powerful piece.
The continuous denunciation carnival grows tiresome, much as we on the right are watching your cannibal feast with growing fascination.
The end result of it is to run men from public life as though women had no part in this system. And the abuses will go on, because women abuse power too, just not usually in a sexual way.
Take a good look in the mirror, ladies and gentlemen. If you were true ladies and gentlemen you’d know there’s a system of mutual obligation. Checks and balances, you could call them.
Women can’t abdicate their responsibility and not expect men to take advantage.
We’re racing to a system where women act like poor little flowers who have to be protected and kept safe.
Sarah is not blaming the victim, and neither am I.  But, silence is consent, and if you allowed it, then you acquiesced to it.  I've never, for example, considered Monica a victim.  She knew what she was doing, and if  Bill was able to take advantage, then it is only because she allowed it.

The current litany of exposed celebrities and politicians teaches us a cautionary lesson.  I'm sure that some of these victims are "pure" victims, but I'd suspect that a certain percentage of them were willing to go-along to get-along, for the sake of career, or power, or money. The point is; they were willing.

There is an old joke told about a rich man who asks a young woman if she would sleep with him for $200,000.  She ponders fro a moment and replies "Yes, for $200,000."

He asks "How about $20?"

She is outraged, "What kind of girl do you think I am?"

"We've already established, " he explains, "what kind of girl you are.  Now we're simply negotiating a price."

There are those women who find themselves the victim of sexual abuse, and my heart goes out to them.  No one should be subjected to demeaning treatment.  But, the time to object is when it happens.  NO means NO and and we should draw a bright line here.


Jonathan H said...

Good point - in modern society, anybody who waits years to complain and only then complains when it is politically advantageous or when it is the popular thing to do, is someone to be suspicious of.

I once heard a reference to "Ladies of Negotiable Virtue" and thought it was quite fitting.

Old NFO said...

Agreed! And there do seem to be more female predators in the school systems these days, from the number of teachers arrested for sex with underaged boys...