Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Good News!

I came home today and met with the guys who are going to finish up the dirt work for the building.  We agreed on a price and shook hands.  They'll do the work as soon as the weather dries up.  Probably early next week.

Came inside, took off my uniform, then checked the answering machine.  The permit for the building is approved and ready.  I'll pick it up tomorrow.

I wrote what I hope is the last check on a long-term agreement.  Hopefully, I've put that one to bed.

Went out to the mailbox and checked the mail.  The electric bill is probably the lowest I've ever gotten since living in this house.  The insulation ob from this summer seems to be paying off.

Belle got home, and we talked about an upcoming out of town trip.  We're traveling to Shreveport this weekend to help a new CFDA club get off the ground.  We believe that the Shreveport/Bossier area has a lot of promise for a CFDA club and our guy there has a spot lined up for the range, a whole gaggle of new shooters invited, and some very experienced shooters from a couple of clubs lined up to help the new shooters with a proper introduction.  Friday night should be alot of fun.

Today has been a very good day indeed.

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Old NFO said...

Enjoy, and stay safe. Shreveport isn't a 'nice' place anymore...