Monday, November 27, 2017

Bernie Again

Politico speculates that Bernie Sanders might be making moves to run again in 2020.
From forging closer ties to the labor movement to shoring up his once-flimsy foreign policy credentials, the moves have provided the senator inroads into party power structures that largely shunned him in favor of Hillary Clinton last year. They've also empowered the progressive icon to harness his newfound political power and help Democrats fight President Donald Trump's administration.
According to my quick research, Sanders got 43% of the vote during the Democratic primary, a primary that was stacked against him.  He's further left than most mainstream politicians, but he sure energizes the socialist wing of the party.  His big selling point is universal health care.

Plus, he's in his late 70s.  If elected, he'll be 79 years old when he takes office (born 9/8/1941).


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