Sunday, November 05, 2017

Church Shooting in Texas

It seems that there was another horrific mass homicide in Texas this morning.  A murderer walked into the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas this morning.  Twenty-six are dead.

My prayers and thoughts, of course, to those affected.    The low-life scumbag who did this is dead, although it's not immediately apparent if he ate his own gun (which frequently happens), or if he were put down by police.  He has been identified, but I will not name him.  He's not worth memory, except as a n evil person.  Let his name be never uttered again.

The Democrats, of course, are already dancing in the blood.  Senator Bob Casey is leading the charge.

The last time I looked, Bob, murder was still against the law.  Even in Texas.  When Casey made his call against murder, the bodies were probably still lying in the floor.  As despicable as the murderer himself is, Senator Casey is running a close second.

**UPDATE** We're learning more, and it looks like an armed citizen stopped it.  From Austin Bay, over at Instapundit.
DEVELOPING MEME THAT CHALLENGES LEFTIST MAINSTREAM: Armed citizen who fired on the mass murderer is being described on Fox News as “a good Samaritan.” I agree. He was rendering aid in a life-threatening circumstance. The armed citizen who engaged the murderer was saving lives. How will the mainstream media address this? Commenters, please, like the chorus you are, explain this evolving history.
Whoever that armed citizen might be, Well Done!


Dave said...

I've seen reported in multiple sources that the shooter was court martialed by the AF for Art 128 UCMJ, assaulting his wife and kid (disqualification - Lautenberg/922(g)(9)) and served a sentence of 12 months (disqualification - 922(g)(1)).

I've seen it reported both that he received a BCD or a DD in 2014. did he get the gun(s)?

I also saw on CNN (while at the gym - I don't pay attention to them otherwise) that a "source" said he had purchased the gun legally. If the first items I listed are true, the last cannot be true. Or should not be, at any rate. There is the possibility that the NICS check was dorked up somehow - either his conviction was never entered into the database (and a UCMJ conviction is a federal conviction, so it's not a matter of a state not reporting or having some incompatibility) or the system got screwed up some other way - maybe it timed out?

Ahmed Pierstorff said...

An unbelievably tragic event, made all the more offensive by the total disregard of church as sanctuary.

Challenging times.