Thursday, November 09, 2017

The USA Today Chainsaw Bayonet

I've been a little busy this week and I missed the hilarity that USA Today caused when they published a video talking about possible modifications to the ubiquitous AR-15.

They included an accessory I've never seen, but makes the already dreaded chainsaw bayonet.

Oh, yeah, double the weight of the rifle, and change the balance all the way to the front.   Hilarity ensues.

I hope that they have the editor of this video bent over a barrel, busing his ass with boat paddles.  Just putt him out in the lobby and let visitors spank him until he quivers.  Stupidity this epic should be extremely painful.

Yeah, I know, every would-be zombie hunter has put every imaginable item on the front of an Ar-15, but that makes it neither practical nor desirable.   And, yes, you can buy a chainsaw bayonet, just like you can buy a MIG-15.  That fact alone doesn't make it any less idiotic.


Jack said...

Love it... :)

Educated Savage said...

I wasn't aware USA Today got bought out by the Onion.