Saturday, November 25, 2017

Saturday Notes

I'm boiling turkey carcasses for gumbo.  I smoked one and my brother-in-law smoked one.  I'll let them boil for an hour or so in salted water, then take them out to cool.  When they're cool enough, I"ll peel the meaty bits off of them, discard the bones and keep the meat and the stock for a gumbo that we'll eat tomorrow for lunch.I have some sausage in the 'fridge, but we'll pic up another pound at the grocer's later today.

Panning for Louisiana State continues apace.  I have to make a budget and intend to get that finished this weekend.  I have been poring over last year's notes trying to get realistic numbers, and Belle and I have a date tomorrow afternoon to sit down at the kitchen table and put numbers to paper.  I need to get this done so that we can move forward.

The Cross Branded Peacemakers are meeting later today for our final shoot for this year..  I intend that we're just going to practice for a while, then talk about planning for the State shoot this spring.

The concrete crew has one additional task to complete before the foundation and forms are ready to pour.  We're scheduled to pout the concrete on Monday morning.  I am ready to see concrete in that hole.

Christmas is upon us, and Christmas music is officially endorsed.  This is one of my favorites.

Here we go!

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Old NFO said...

Beautiful music by beautiful ladies, what's not to like? :-) And I'd almost add 15% to any estimate for inflation...