Saturday, November 04, 2017

Road Trip

Belle and I are home after a road trip to Shreveport, LA.  We went up last night to help a new CFDA club get organized.  When you're teaching new shooters, it's safety, safety, safety, while trying to make sure that everyone has fun and considers it a positive experience.    I was busy hand-judging, instructing, being a range officer, and doing all manner of things to make the experience  positive one, and to help the club succeed.

Alas, no pictures.  Hopefully our designated photographer will put up some photos after she edits them.  If so, I'll share them.

After the shoot, it was well past our bedtime, so Belle and I found the motel and crashed.

Got up this morning, got our act together and went to Natchitoches, LA to survey the venue for the LA State shoot that we'll be hosing in April.  I'll have to schedule a meeting with the mayor soon to lock in some date.  But, I've been going through old photos from last year,  to get some pictures for our promotional poster.  Who wouldn't want to come see a show like this?

That's Madam K, out of the Lone Star Gunslingers, putting wax on steel.

In the meantime, Thorn Valley is hosting their invitational next weekend, and we've got to get busy on the last-minute preps for that. 


Anonymous said...

Always good to see a woman who knows how to handle a firearm; you know sey can take care of herself.
Even better to see a beautiful woman who can do so!
--Tennessee Budd

Old NFO said...

Busy, busy! :-) Glad y'all were able to help out!