Friday, February 12, 2016

Cosmo Teams With Bloomberg

Cosmopolitan magazine is teaming with Bloomberg's Everytown to make gun control a thing among readers of Cosmopolitan.According to PJ EMedia:
Cosmopolitan announced on Wednesday that it has partnered with Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety (I'm not going to link it) to push a gun control agenda.
I didn't know anyone read Cosmo anymore. Is it even available on newsstands?  Regardless, Bloomberg's message is falling on hard times, with millions of Americans endorsing gun ownership.  President Obama drives that, becoming the greatest gun salesman in modern times.  If he's looking for a legacy, he's found one right there. Over he last seven years, gun manufacturers have prospered beyond their wildest dreams, outperforming the Dow and the S&P500.  They're selling everything they can make.

But, Cosmo's continuing descent into irrelevance is comical.
The magazine will run a propaganda piece in the March issue called "Singled Out," warning single women they may be dating a man who is a firearms owner. And he may become "disgruntled."
If I was dating a woman who read Cosmo, I'd be disgruntled too.  Fortunately, even before I met Milady fifteen years ago, the women I dated were strong, determined women who knew about guns and probably owned several.  We didn't talk about it, unless the subject just happened to come up, but any southern woman dating a man should expect that he owns guns.  And vice-versa.There is no reason to bring up a subject that should be painfully obvious.  Of course I own guns.  Why do you ask.

Shortly after I met Milady, we were hanging around one Sunday afternoon and she asked me to look at a revolver she called a "Saturday Night Special".  I asked her to take it out and she showed me a pristine SW Model 28-2.  Decidedly not an inexpensive firearm.  Of course, as our relationship firmed up and deepened, shooting was a part of it.

Now, several years later, Milady is a seasoned competitive shooter in her own right.

Of course, if Cosmo wants to team with Bloomberg, that's okay.  It's a free country.  It must suck, though to be on thhe losing end of both business and history.

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