Monday, February 29, 2016

Just Damn - Officer Down.

A young police officer was killed in Virginia on her very first shift.  While I was out playing on the weekend, a cop lost her life.  I'm sorry that I didn't know about it sooner.

Just Damn.
A Virginia police officer was shot and killed by an Army staff sergeant assigned to the Pentagon on the first day of street duty.
Prince William County Police Officer Ashley Guindon died Saturday after she and two other officers were ambushed by a man with a rifle as they were responding to a domestic disturbance, authorities said. The 28-year-old cop had been sworn in the previous day and was working her first day on the street with her training officer, who was also wounded, police said.
It's every cops worst nightmare, every mother's worst nightmare, every father's worst nightmare. Certainly every supervisors worst nightmare.  My condolences to everyone concerned.

I've buried two of my officers, both seasoned veterans that were killed on active duty.  I can't begin to describe the depth of emotion that losing a police officer evokes.  The sadness, the horror, the unspeakable rage that we, as police officers can't act on.  Losing and officer is a very personal, private time where you work to apprehend the murderer, take care of the surviving family, work through your own grief and mourning during the funeral, and try to come to work every day.

My deepest condolences to the family of Officer Ashley Guindon, and my steadfast knowledge that her fellow officers conduct themselves with the highest standard of conduct that the badge requires.


Old NFO said...

Truly sad, and a huge loss, no question.

The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

*heavy sigh* damn.

kamas716 said...

It's been a tough year on law enforcement with a dozen killed already.