Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Random Thoughts

Cleaning the competition guns yesterday, and I held up Milady's Liberty Edition to look at something closely.  I saw daylight between the grip frame and the receiver.  There's not supposed to be light coming through there, so I got out the screwdrivers and tightened those screws.  One of the five was missing, so I called Traditions to get a couple of spares on the way. They'll be in next week.

While cleaning the other revolvers, I put a screwdriver on the screws.  There are six screws on a Uberti grip frame and five on a Ruger.  Of the twenty-two screws I tried, eight of them were loose.  Note to self:  Check those screws regularly.

I awoke this morning with a gnarly feeling.  Congested with a trace of sore throat.  I believe I'm getting my annual cold.  Lovely.  Just friggin' lovely.  I'll stop on the way home and get some listerine.  Gargling with that stuff helps knock it out.  I might pick up a couple of cans of soup while I'm at it.

Politics keeps getting weirder and weirder.  The front-runners right now are a real-estate tycoon and an avowed socialist.  It ain't over yet, but right now it's looking like the year of the not-establisment candidate.

Peyton Manning is catching a lot of flak over saying that he intended to thank God and drink a lot of beer.  I'm pretty sure that Maning's season is over for a while, and he won't be training for the next several weeks.  If he wants to drink beer, I don't see a problem with that.  And, I'd remind the assembled Christians that our Lord's first public miracle was when He turned water into wine.  Beer is proof that God loves us and He wants us to be happy.


Old NFO said...

Oh man, "Spring" colds suck... and now I'm going to go check my single actions... sigh

The Old Sarge said...

Just one helpful word for ya: LokTite.

Use the blue; it'll hold so well, you'll need some elbow grease to get it loose.