Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The Iowa Caucuses

The Iowa caucus is over and the winners have been announced.   From my perspective, it's hard to get much knowledge from them, and certainly not a clear winner.  So, let's look at how it shook out.

Cruz - 27.7%
Trump - 24.3%
Rubio - 23.1%
The rest of the field split the remaining votes, with none of them garnering over 10%.
Those results are interesting because the top three fairly closely split the vote.  It should give some o the folks in the undercard enough information to suspend their campaigns, but for the top three, it may be a long slog to the convention.

Clinton - 49.9%
Sanders - 49.6%
O'Malley - 0.6%

This is interesting.  The Democrats have just about evenly split between a lying, cheating, power-hungry, unethical criminal and an avowed socialist.  Pore ol' O'Malley simply couldn't get any traction.  I understand that he's dropping out of the race.

Next week, we look to New Hampshire, then after that the Super Tuesday elections on March 1st.  Later that week, on Saturday, five other states choose.  By that time, this race should be shaping up nicely.

But the opening round is over, and it's left us with more questions than answers.

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M. Silvius said...

And while the mainstream media can't hide their excitement over Hillary's win, the news should really be that in a state with 1.3 million eligible voters, the criminal witch garnered something like 657 and the commie garnered 654.. for a total of less than 1310 votes between the two of them votes that is less than an tenth of a percent of the available state vote. While Cruz and Rubio garnered more than 50% of the available votes in the state. And that in a state with something like 1200 voters of declared Cuban identity. Proving that the conservative voters are ignoring race politics, listening to the message put forth by Cruz and Rubio and confounding the traditional stereotypes the mainstream media loves to promote.