Friday, February 19, 2016


It's crawfish season in Louisiana.  Tasty little crustaceans, seasoned with a variety of red pepper, salt, black pepper, garlic, lemon or orange, it seems that everyone has their own recipe for boiling crawfish.  Normally, a sack of crawfish runs 35-40 lbs, depending on the grower and the size of the individual crawfish.  I can't eat a whole sack, but Milady and I have taken to eating crawfish every Friday for dinner.

Luckily, there are several boilers in the area.  Folks who boil crawfish for the retail trade and sell them by the pound.  I'll stop on the way home this afternoon and pick up several pounds, with corn and potatoes.  That'll suit us just fine, and I don't have to boil, nor get out.  We'll eat crawfish at the kitchen counter and be ready to start the weekend.

For those interested in learning how to do a south Louisiana seafood boil, there are plenty of good tutorials out there.  This article at Foodbuzz looks pretty good, and provides all the basics.  I like my crawfish spicy, but Milady takes it up another notch by making a horseradish cocktail sauce and dipping the already spicy tails in that sauce before eating them.

Crawfish is what's for supper at PawPaw's house on Friday nights during the winter/spring season.


Old Grafton said...

Dangit!! I am really missing Louisiana!! Crawfish!! And the upcoming Strawberry Festival in Ponchatoula!

Old NFO said...

Drooling over here!

Flugelman said...

Brings to mind the time we were at the state Bullseye matches at Patapsco State Park in Md. A friend and I saw a bunch of kids playing in the shallows of the Patapsco River that runs through the park and we found they were catching crawdads. We got a bucket, filled it with the tasty critters, and had ourselves a "boil". The locals couldn't believe we were going to eat those "bugs".

jon spencer said...

Ohhh, are fresh crawfish good. One heaping beer tray is about the right amount for me.