Sunday, September 20, 2015


Our club, the Thorn Valley Shootist Society, is planning and hosting an invitational match for Saturday, November 14th.  We'll have a shooters meeting and gun check at 8:00, with shooting to begin shortly thereafter.

It's going to be a "NO X" match, which means that everyone gets to shoot all day.  Toward the end of the match a group of shooters will emerge and we'll have a shoot-off for trophies.  Depending on the interest, we may shoot Sunday morning in some informal matches.  Our venue is the Lucky 4B Ranch in Melder, LA.  Bunkhouses and cabins are available.

For reservations, call the Lucky 4B ranch at (318)659-4414 or (318)659-3332.  We're planning a great wend of fun, fellowship, gunfighting, and lie-telling.  We're also planning to feed the assmblage.  As it is scheduled for November in Louisiana, I'm betting that gumbo will be on the menu.  PawPaw is planning pulled pork sandwiches and chips for lunch on Saturday.

Y'all plan to attend.

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