Wednesday, September 23, 2015

True Love

If anyone wonders why I love Milady, and am dedicated to her health and happiness, let me give you one simple example.

We're going through a living room re-arrange and easy remodel, and look what she dragged home today.

That's a Vizio 55" smart TV.  She went and bought it all by herself.  I'll probably be able to see it from my easy chair.  I don't care how she re-arranges the living room, I bet I'll be able to see the TV.

All you mistreated husbands out there, show your wife how a loved husband brags on his wife.


Anonymous said...

I cannot say that I am mistreated, especially as I just picked up a brand new left handed Savage 111 Trophy Hunter XP that my loving wife bought me for the upcoming Elk hunt next month.

J.D. Brown

Old NFO said...

LOL, she's VERY good to you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Old NFO , I know! And she casually mentioned that she likes one of the 9mm 1911 pistols that we saw in the case when picking up my rifle. I know what my over time is going toward now....a Kimber Sapphire. Got to keep a great woman like mine happy!

J.D. Brown