Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Morning Dawg

After the club shoot yesterday, Milady and I went out on the porch to cocktail for our afternoon wind-down and the dog decided to join us on the porch.  He's obviously in need of a hair cut and we'll see about that this week.

With temp in the low 80s and humidity down around 50%, we had a nice breeze blowing and it was altogether pleasant sitting in the shade.

You'll notice Milday's stylish boots behind the dawg.  We had a lot to talk about at the club yesterday.  We're planning an invitational shoot for the second weekend in November and we had two new shooters with us today.  Before they left, they bought brass, primers and wax.  We gave them all the info to join CFDA and links to such things as they might need.

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