Sunday, September 06, 2015

Family Connections

My daughter's wedding was  in a small little church in northern Rapides Parish.  I had never been inside the church before yesterday, at the rehearsal, but I noticed something that said family, in a strong and familiar way.

My grandfather was a woodworker, among other things.  All manner of marvelous mysteries came out of his shop, and in his later years he started making toys and small knickknacks to give away.  One piece that he made hundreds, f not thousands of was a simple little piece of wood that he painted brown, then with natural wood strips, glued those strips to spell the word JESUS in reverse relief.  There is no telling how many of those things he made and gave away and I'd put the number somewhere in the high hundreds, if not the low thousands.

So, when I noticed the little wooden knickknack on the alter I knew immediately who had made it.  I don't know the story of how it got to that altar, but I am as certain of the shop where it originated as I am of my own last name.

The horseshoe nail cross is a nice touch as well, but I felt comforted seeing that little plaque on the altar.  It was a connection for me that was simply touching.  I'm glad to know that the church she attends has a little piece of her great-grandpa inside it.  I feel like he would be pleased.

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Old NFO said...

That is neat! Finding those little reminders gives one pause too. How did it get there? Who donated it?