Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Serious Candidate

I'm looking for a serious candidate in the presidential race.  These are serious times.

The US National Debt is about $14 trillion dollars.

ISIS is on the march.  The Middle East is in a catastrophe, bleeding refugees and asylum seekers like never before.

Iran is about to become a nuclear power.  Likewise, North Korea.

Our cities are burning.  Race relations are worse, nationwide, than they've been in two decades.

Our government is increasingly lawless.  The IRS has proven itself to be politically motivated, our FBI refuses to prosecute government officials who commit felonies, The EPA pollutes rivers.

Europe has a tidal wave of immigrants, and we have an immigration crisis of our own.

I'm looking for a serious candidate, and at this stage of the game, I have no idea who that might be.  We live in serious times, and I can't identify a single candidate who seems to be able to manage all these challenges at the same time.

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