Thursday, September 10, 2015

Not Feeling It

Searching about for something to talk about, and I'm just n not feeling it.  The middle east is in chaos, the Europeans are in the midst of a refugee crisis, the presidential politics has become a clown show.  It's like we're living in an insane asylum and no adult is in charge.

Then I look at the White House and realize that there are no adults in charge.  We have an immigration crisis of our own and this administration wants to bring in Syrian refugees.  Have we lost our frigging minds?

It appears that our president and his foreign policy team is foundering helplessly in  a crisis of their own making.  After over six years of not standing by our allies, and the same six years of kow-towing to our enemies, no one believes the administration or our president when he makes a statement.  It's as if the leaders of the world hold him in contempt.


Old Grafton said...

Many of the world's leaders and peoples DO hold him in contempt, as do many HERE. It is maddening to sit in apparent helpless inability to change things. I am only a little hopeful it CAN be changed for the better.

6ShotsOr5? said...

Nobody could be so incompetent or do so much damage by accident. He's not nearly as stupid or worthless as he appears. He's evil.