Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pawn Shop Crawling

While on my lunch break today, I went by my favorite pawn shop to put some money on a layaway.  The counter guy took my money, then asked me if I was interested in vintage police leather.  I told him I might be, and asked him what he had.

It's a Buchiemer police belt.  Buchmiemer was a big name in gun leather in the 1950s-70s.  This one is in pretty good condition and comes with a Jordan thumbsnap holster from the same time peiod.  The holster, of course, is hopelessly outdated for a police rig, but it fits the K-frame Smith and Wesson revolver, and it might be good for a woods cruising holster.  The gun belt is in fairly good shape and might have some life left in it.  If my measurements are correct, it will fit a waist from 37-42 inches.

The price out the door was $20.00, mainly  because the pawn broker didn't want to deal with it.  He said that it came in with some other stuff he wanted, and he bought it all to seal the deal.

Interesting, the stuff I find in that pawn shop.


Gerry N. said...

I was "between jobs" for a few weeks in the late 80's and did some pawn shop crawling. In one tiny pawn shop I found some high end precision measuring devices, micrometers, dial indicators, dial calipers, that sort of thing and bought a bunch for around $20. The proprietor also had a box of us military rifle slings, web and leather, so I dickered a deal for ten for $5. That was one of my best dealin' days ever. I've still got all that neat stuff.

Retired Spook said...

I've got several left-handed 1911 holsters that came home with me after a trip to a pawn shop. Interesting, what you come across, isn't it?