Saturday, October 08, 2011

Woodworth Range

I got up this morning after a long game last night, drank some coffee and thought that maybe I'd drive over to the Woodworth Range to do a final sight-in with my rifle before the hunting season. Knowing the propensity of those bureaucrats to close the range without reason or expectation, I decided that it might be prudent for me to check the website before spending my precious gasoline getting to the range only to find a locked gate. Sure enough. In big capital letters: SHOOTING RANGE WILL BE CLOSED OCTOBER 8TH

On a beautiful Saturday in October, they decided to close the range. No explanation, simply closed. Can't use it, the taxpayer be damned. Oh, next weekend is the third Saturday, and it's closed every third Saturday until noon. Some private organization has it scheduled each third Saturday for a match and rather than inconvenience the private organization, they close the range to the general public. That's our Pittman-Robertson money at work.

I can't get to the range on Thursday or Friday, for that matter, most Sundays. Saturday is the only day that I can use it, and of course that's the day they close it. The taxpayer be damned.

That's the attitude of the folks who run our taxpayer funded ranges in Louisiana.


Jester said...

I feel for you. I'm a bit frightened myself, I'm moving to St Paul going away from my 5 dollar a year range with cover, buildings and is -never- closed. I do not look forward to finding a range in that city area.

Anonymous said...

Do they have to have a government worker there at the range when it is opened? Probably, a union worker that called in sick today, so they couldn't open.