Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why We Win

The imagination of the US soldier is unprecedented, unequalled, and undeniably the greatest asset of the commander. Our soldiers are why we win. (And sailors, and Marines and Wing Wipers).

It seems that this Iowa Guard unit deployed to the sandbox has come up with a new way to carry ammo.

They welded some ammo boxes together, mounted it on an ALICE frame, and now the machine gunner can carry 500 rounds of linked ammo on his back. Better yet, the whole Army wants them.
We’ve already gotten email traffic from (one of) our science advisers that everybody in theater wants one of these — and by in theater, he means his specific area of operation, Regional Command East in Afghanistan — because word has spread. That (Iowa National Guard) unit is not the only unit on that FOB. As they’re walking around the FOB with that piece of kit, very senior people are taking a look at it. They recognize it as a game-changer.
It is a game-changer. When I was deployed to Desert Storm, the active Army guys complained that the Reservists had learned quickly how to game the system and we got good support when they had to wait in line. That's not altogether true, but when the guy at the supply base is married to your sister and you know him as Bob, rather Master Sergeant Schmedlap, you get stuff that other units might not get. When the guy cutting the finance checks happens to be your first cousin, your pay never gets screwed-up. Guard and Reserve units ain't like the rest of the Army. We think differently.

We're a great asset and that's why we win. Congrats to the boys in the Iowa Guard. Good job, soldier.

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BTW, that set up doesn't look much different from the chain gun or aviation belt-feed set ups.