Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Inequality, Consumerism, Corporate Greed

If you've been following the OWS protests, then at some point you've asked yourself what these people want. While the message is a little muddled, it boils down basically to redistributionist philosophy; an end to inequality, consumerism, and corporate greed. Kind of a Robin Hood, steal from the rich,give to the poor, kind of policy. They're pissed at Wall Street. That's plain, and the message is just a bit muddled, but basically, they want stuff for free.

Well, it seems as if some low-level redistributionist is hard at work, Ripping them off. He's gotten cash, computers, foodstuffs, all the things that they want for free. And, they're pissed that someone would be taking their stuff. You'd think that they'd be celebrating the way he has embraced their philosophy. But not when it comes to their stuff. Their stuff is off-limits.

The irony is strong on this one.


Termite said...

They have a couple of points of contention that most of us can agree with, like TARP, the bailout of GM, etc. But a stopped clock is also right twice a day.
Their ideas of wanting stuff and having others pay for it is childish at best, and thuggish at worst. They seem not to understand that there is no free lunch; that somewhere, someone is going to have to pay for it.

dturtleman said...

Am I a bad person for enjoying the stories about the OWS and Occupy Boston people getting robbed and being indignant about losing their free stuff?