Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just Wow!

Drudge linked to two stories today about inner-city violence. The first, from Richmond, CA tells us that a brawl broke out when members of rival gangs showed up at the "Operation Peacemaker" offices. The administrator was pleased, though:
The ONS director said he sees the unarmed brawl as a sign of progress, since the young men involved all have a history of gun violence.
Well, that's something I guess. Brawling in public is certainly preferable to shooting each other in public.

Our second heart-warming story comes to us from Philadelphia, where we learn that some bozo was getting out of jail and his family wanted to have a welcome home party. Of course, a knife fight breaks out and five people were stabbed.
A welcome home party for a teen released from juvenile detention resulted in gunshots and stab wounds for five people at the party.
Heartwarming, I tell you. Those are just the kinds of folks that I want to invite to a party.

I am in awe of the culture that produces folks like this.

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