Friday, October 07, 2011

Evil Corporations

If you've been watching the protests on Wall Street, you'll love this photo.

Those idiots couldn't make a single move without corporations. The very clothing they wear is provided by corporations. The phones they use, the cameras they snap, the signs they wave, all had a corporate background.

Stolen from Mostly Cajun, who stole it from Small Dead Animals.

In another half hour I'm going to pull my boots back on and head to the school house. It's Friday Night Football.


Old NFO said...

Hell, they are better dressed than I am... And have better stuff too!

Gerry N. said...

I wonder what would happen if "The Corporations" decided to take a month off, not shipping any commmercial products or providing any commercial services for a full month?

I've been thinking about it, my wife and I would be somewhat inconvenienced. I have a small genset for keeping the freezer below 0, enough gasoline to keep the wife's small crossover running for about eight weeks, kerosene for light and cooking, propane for light and cooking, den. alcohol for cooking, white gas for light and cooking and nearly 30# of Goodwill Store candles accumulated over the years. Also plenty of food and water. How many of these protesters have enough food and skills to last three and a half weeks after the stores and gas stations are cleaned out in three days? It'd be "interesting" don't you think?