Sunday, January 10, 2010

Frozen pipes

I awoke before daylight to 18 degree temps and no hot water. It would drip, but it wouldn't run. I went to church and Milady stayed behind to watch the drip. She says it broke loose about 9:20. No damage, no problem.

They're predicting similar temperatures for the low tonight. If I go to bed without a faucet dripping, I deserve to have my butt kicked.


J said...

You dodged a big bullet, Pawpaw.

Windy Wilson said...

18 degrees in central Louisiana?
I swear, God is telling us that if we continue to worship at the altar of environmentalism with Gore as the Pope, he's gonna freeze our a$$e$ off.
How far are you from the ocean, anyway? I'm 3 miles from the Pacific, and it's rare to get below 48 degrees at 6 am.