Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Sticker

I've seen this picture floating around the intertubes, and most recently my friend, David sent it on.

I don't understand the cluelessness of this guy, although sometimes the best humor is found where someone has no idea what he's doing, but plunges blindly ahead regardless of the outcome. I have found myself in that condition in various situations.

I can't imagine what this guy was thinking, but I can laugh at his plight. And yeah, the sticker on the back glass of the pickup says OBAMA, although I've never seen a sticker like that. I suspect this photo has been photoshopped.


J said...

Many moons ago I passed by Lake Buhlow and there some 40 yards from the ramp was a bass boat with its front end slightly down for some reason. Another look produced the reason. Out in front of the floating, still teathered to the trailer boat, was the bright red front tip of a pickup truck hood.

ASM826 said...

Here's a better quality copy of that same image, and it does not have an Obama sticker in the window.

Anonymous said...

I've seen something similar, but it was because the guy parked on the ramp and didn't set the parking brake. Sometimes it doesn't take much to shear a parking pawl.

Melissa said...

Where I grew up there was a fancy restaurant on one side of the river and a boat ramp/bait shack on the other side. Lost tourists would find themselves at the bait shack (an "undesirable locale")and try to make their way across the river to the fancy restaurant. Over the years, at least two seperate groups of visitors sunk their Caddies in the river trying to "cross the bridge" that was underwater- i.e. the boat ramp.