Wednesday, January 20, 2010

180 grain bullets

Rivrdog asks in comments if there are any factory 180 grain bullets.

Short answer? Lots.

Cast Performance makes a 180 grain lead bullet. From the picture, it looks like it comes with a gas check.

As does Hornady. This is a jacketed bullet that might do well for those who don't like cast bullets.

Hunters Supply makes a 190 grain bullet that looks like it would be a nice slug. It's not gas-checked, but it might do all right.

Remington makes a jacketed hollow point. And Sierra makes a full-jacketed bullet.

Speer's got a 170 grain Gold Dot bullet that might put a serious thumping on something.

If you're looking for factory bullets in the 170-180 grain range for the .357 I'd begin with any of those. There's a lot to like in the .357. It's a very versatile cartridge. Those bullets are just a quick search from one vendor. A more detailed search might turn up dozens more.


Rivrdog said...

Rhanks, Pawpaw.

Rivrdog said...

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