Saturday, January 23, 2010

Woodworth Range

The Woodworth range is closed. So I was told by the LDWF dude there. I went this morning to fire some handgun and rifle loads and when I got to the range, I noticed that the firing benches were stacked on the 50 yard line and there was earth moving equipment in the parking lot.

LDWF dude cited "safety concerns" and said that they were going to have to move the berm 45 degrees. I asked when and he said that the range has been closed two months and he didn't know when they'd get started, much less when they'd be finished. I told him that the website says that the range is open and I drove out and found it closed. He told me that the website wasn't his concern. His concern is keeping the range open.

I told him that was bullshit.

I've already posted a stern letter to the secretary of LDWF, Mr. Robert Barham. I told Mr. Barham what an asset that range is to central Louisiana and how important it is to the shooting public. I also told Mr. Barham that the local employees close the range on a variety of pretexts and it's a matter of claim as to whether someone might drive out when it's supposed to be open, and actually find it open.

With the Woodworth Range closed, I went to an undisclosed place and did my shooting for the previous post.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries really pisses me off. I am truly angry that they use our tax dollars and can't manage to keep a simple little range open. I'm going to give Barham about a week to respond to my letter, then I'm going to start raising hell at my elected officials.

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Old NFO said...

Please do so Paw... Without folks like you, they would close the ranges for "convenience" and never reopen them...