Thursday, January 28, 2010


There's some sort of wildly aggressive stomach bug making the rounds and PawPaw has it. Last night and today has been an interesting experience.

I'm not sick much. I've only taken sick days three times in the past eight years. Two four years ago, and two today and tomorrow.

Milady is a registered nurse and she's making me do all the smart things. Still, I'll be glad when things return to normal.


Rich Jordan said...

Get Well Soon!

J said...

It ain't nice to PO the Who Dat god.

Michael W. said...

Your being a S.R.O. I am surprised you haven't been much sicker than that. Hanging around with all those little germ sponges is bound to test your immune system. -grin-

Get well soon.

Melissa said...

feel better! stomach flu beats a cold. At least it is over quicker.