Saturday, January 09, 2010


I was piddling around on the bench today and I thought I'd play with the camera. What's a good subject for learning about macro photography? Bullets.

These are all .30 caliber jacketed bullets that I keep on the bench. From left to right; 125 grain Sierra Pro-Hunter, 130 grain Speer flat tip, 155 grain Hornady A-Max, 155 grain Sierra MatchKing (Palma), 165 grain Sierra GameKing, 168 grain HPBT (milsurp), and last, but certainly not least, 170 grain Remington Core-Lokt.

I like the way the short depth-of-field blurs out everything but the bullets.


J said...

With my camera, the bullets on each side would be leaning.

Anonymous said...

Auto focus needs some "sharp" feature to home-in on. Plastic tipped bullets and bullets with cannelures work well. Sierra Matchkings are tough. Your picture turned out fabulous.


Windy Wilson said...

Who sells those milsurp 168 grain HPBT? How do you like them?

Pawpaw said...

Windy. I bought those at Widener's (if I remember correctly). The only problem with them is that the weight varies dramatically on them, sometimes as much as 2 grains. I bought 500 of them and sorted them on a scale, with like weights in zipper bags. They're fairly accurate bullets now that they're sorted by weight.