Monday, January 11, 2010


I'm out of large pistol primers, and I can't find any locally.

Midway is out, as is MidSouth and Natchez. Widener's has Wolf large pistol primers, but I've never used them. I generally stick with Winchester or CCI for my primer needs.

It appears that the ammo shortage is just about over, but the primer situation has me aggravated.

Midway says that they're expecting some large pistol primers in on or about 1/15/2010, and that's coming soon. I expect that if I check on Friday and they have some, I'm going to order a couple of thousand. The only problem with that is that the hazmat fee makes the per-primer cost go way up.

As long as I'm paying that hazmat fee, I guess I oughta get a pound of L'il Gun and a pound of Varget. I've been meaning to try both those powders.

**UPDATE** I ordered 2K large pistol primers and a pound of Hodgdon L'il Gun. They were out of Varget. The primers are coming in the door at 4.2 cents apiece, which is the highest I've ever spent for primers. I've heard that L'il Gun is the bees knees for .357 magnum and I want to try it with 180 grain bullets.


Jame Nelson said...

I switched to Wolf primers 2 years ago for cost reasons. I primarily load pistol and have loaded thousands of 44 Special, .45 Colt and .45 ACP and have been very satisfied with them.

Rich Jordan said...

I haven't used Wolf yet but everything I've read about them is quite complimentary; their SRM (or special 5.56) primers seem to be particularly popular. Hope you're able to get some soon; if we were closer I'd try to help out.

Anonymous said...

I believe you will find that primers and powder are required to be shipped separately. Thus, you will incur two hazmat fees.

Pawpaw said...

Anonymous. Nope, I just got an email from Wideners. They'll ship under one Haz-Mat fee.

If I was ordering tracer bullets that would incur an additional haz-mat fee.

Anonymous said...


I DON'T reoad, but have found that just about everything Wolf makes, goes, "Bang" on demand. Sometimes dirty, but it works.

Also, am I the only one who hears Clint Eastwood's voice when I read your posts? Or is it just me?

Larry in Rochester

Anonymous said...

I never thought of using L'il Gun for the .357. I have most of a pound on hand I bought for my .22 K-Hornet that proved unsatisfactory, in spite of all of the glowing reviews I read about it being THE powder to beat for that cartridge. Good, ol' 2400 actually worked best for the K-Hornet for me. Anyway, I'll have to look into combining L'il Gun and the .357. Thanks for the idea.