Sunday, June 07, 2009


Roundup herbicide. I love it. Use it regularly. I've been using Roundup since I moved to the country in 1980. I see, via the Bayou Renaissance Man that some guys in England use it too.
A workman killed hundreds of protected rare orchids with poison after mistaking them for weeds.

The flowers died days after the contractor used herbicide to rid a grass verge of brambles and gorse.

Not realising the colourful flowers were nine species of rare orchids, he doused them with the toxic spray.

I've got several gravel beds around the house and I spray them regularly with Roundup. Nothing grows where PawPaw goes. I was spraying last week and Milady called my attention to a little plant near some rose bushes. "See this plant?" says she.

"You betcha", says I, hosing it with extra strength Roundup.

"Well, damn!" she retorts. "I like that plant and was hoping to save it."

"Too late." says I. "Don't point at a plant while I've got the Roundup sprayer in my hand.


Old NFO said...

:-) Works for me!

Cliff Smith said...

Be carefull with weedkiller around roses.

Rivrdog said...

I loved the Roundup story. Here in Western Oregon we have a HUGE weed problem, especially since the Kalifornica transplant living over my back fence likes everything "natural" and has had his lot attended to exactly once in the five years he has lived there.

Grumpy SOB had part of the fence fall down (his fence), so he came to ME and asked me to rebuild it, ON HIS LAND!

I use a lot of Roundup over on that part of my quarter-acre, and if some of it accidently gets into his yard, that's an oops.