Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Traffic Jam

Milady wanted fish tonite, so I called AW's Drive In. AW's is a little old-fashioned drive-in at Deville, LA. It's way out in the woods, but makes wonderful old fashioned hamburgers and catfish plates.

Anyway, I called in the order and saddled up to get the meal. When I got on Highway 28 I noticed an ambulance flashing all its lights and heading eastbound, so I pulled over to the shoulder of the road and let it pass. After it passed, I got back on the road and was following the ambulance, staying a couple of hundred yards behind it.

The Holloway community is the next one on the road. Holloway is a crossroads community, with a couple of general stores, a Sheriff's substation, a bank branch, and a Dollar Store. That's about it. A cross roads, a half-dozen business, and you're through it.

When the ambulance got to Holloway, it caused a traffic jam. On a single road. I looked up and saw tail lights on the shoulder, tail lights in the travel lane, tail lights in the oncoming lane. I came to a stop and let these folks figure out how to get back on the road after the ambulance passed.

Damndest thing I ever saw. Three cars on the road and they couldn't figure out how to let an ambulance pass.


Old NFO said...

At least they tried... I've seen people pull in front of an ambulance trying to run code 3 in Northern Va.

Rivrdog said...

Up in the North Woods, we say that such people get lost on the way to their own funerals...