Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Back during one of the hurricanes this past season, my fence blew over. Across the back of the property I have a wooden privacy fence and the wind blew it over. It's attached to the ground with 2 3/8 terminal posts. Those terminal posts are thin-walled tubing normally designed for chain-link fencing. They crimped during the storm and lost their longitudinal rigidity.

In common terms, the fence flops. In nearly any breeze.

I intended today to come home and start punching holes in the ground to install 4X4 treated timbers to reinforce the fence. I'll install them between the terminal posts. However, I can't find my post hole diggers. I'm thinking about the time when I built the fence and the post hole diggers I used may have been borrowed from Daddy.

At any rate, I'm outta-luck on digging post holes today. I'll stop at Lowe's on the way home tomorrow and buy a post hole digger.

Between work and living, there just isn't enough hours in the day. I guess I have an hour to prep brass, so I best get on with it.


Anonymous said...

The post hole diggers sprouted legs and walked away. Tools do that.

Rivrdog said...

At a local True Value store, I saw a rental posthole digger. This thing is gas/hydraulic and digs a 6" round hole about 35" deep.

It's called an "Earth Auger", and unlike the two-man earth drills, this substantial piece of equipment is designed to be run by one man. It semi-inverts and tows behind a pickup.

They rent it for $45/day. That's not much money to save your back...

Anonymous said...

I'll second George on the rental, though you'll still need post hole diggers to clean out the holes.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Post hole diggers run on gas? In my experience post hole diggers are 16 years old, work for $10 per hour and you pick them up at the local high school.

Flintlock Tom

Unknown said...

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