Friday, December 05, 2008

O.J. Gets 15 years

Dude! O.J. Simpson got 15 years today for the Las Vegas debacle. He'll be eligible for parole after five years, and he serves the time in the Nevada DOC. There are a lot of concurrent sentences for other counts that accrued during the course of events. It sounded to me like he was sentenced on a total of ten counts, the vast majority of them felonies.

Justice is served.


Anonymous said...

Check again. I see that he was sentenced to 30+ years and must serve 9 years before chance for parole.

Anonymous said...

If you're looking at reports in the lamestream media, keep in mind that the cumulative IQ of of any given forty news reporters is approximately 14. It'll be a few days before any sort of accurate report is published. Accuracy in news reports is the result of coincidene and not due to competence.

Gerry N.