Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Bailout

I went to the deer lease and found that my stand had blown over in the high winds last week. I tied one leg to the truck and stood it up, then climbed it to find that the floor is bent, to the point that the stand is un-usable. Damn. I didn't have any tools, so I'll take some wrenches out there in the next couple of weeks, disassemble it and bring it home so I can fix it. I'm not sure how I'm going to fix it, but when I do, you can be sure that I'll anchor it to the ground the next time I set it up.

I have only myself to blame. I should have anchored it before the season. I hunted from the ground for an hour or so, then decided it was too windy and headed for the truck.

I went to the camp and found some guys and gals there drinking coffee and talking about politics. They were talking about the auto bailout, and the consensus there was five votes against, zero votes for.

I'm not sure what President Bush is thinking when he talks about a bailout. As a conservative he shouldn't even consider it. I've been convinced for a couple of years now that Bush isn't a conservative. He's a Republican, but lately I've been wondering what that means. He's done so much that is in conflict with conservative principals, yet he's a Republican. Maybe the whole country is shifting to the left and the conservative viewpoint is becoming irrelevant.

Anyway, there were five working-class folks sitting around the table at the deer camp and they all agreed that bailing out any auto company is a bad idea.

On the domestic front, I think that it's time for a quick nap.

If you'll excuse me...

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Old NFO said...

You got me on that one, I thought you had to bail out of the tree stand :-) And yes, the bailout is a bad idea, without significant changes at the Big 3. Of course if the unions have to take a hit, there goes the dems power base...