Tuesday, December 09, 2008


It's the birthright of every natural born citizen to seek the office of the President. I see that the Supreme Court has declined to take up the issue of whether Obama is a natural born citizen.

They take cases at their discretion and that's the way it works.

My question, though, is who is the arbiter of whether a person is qualified for a particular office? I've seem local political races fought in Court, when one candidate would prove that another is not qualified by residence (or some other defect, like a felony conviction) to run for a particular office.

If not the Supreme Court, then who is supposed to decide issues that affect the Constitution?

I've always suspected that the Supreme Court is a bunch of lazy bastards who hide behind the rules of the Court to avoid doing any real work. They take, what, maybe twenty cases a year, mostly arcane points of law that deal with minutia and trivia. Not one percent of the United States understands half of what they do, and only one-half of one percent cares. Yet, they're held up as the finals arbiters of the Consitution, and when a case comes before them that has real Constitutional questions, it's a miracle if they decide to hear it.

We need a Constitutional Amendment that they'll listen to every stupid bastard who walks up the steps. Eliminate Standing as a legal defect. Just eliminate it. But have one Justice who sits in a Courtroom every day and answers questions from every dumb bastard who has a question.


Anonymous said...

By not hearing the Obama birth certificate issue, the Supreme Court DID decide the issue. The suit was ridiculous and not worth their time.

El Capitan said...

The Heller decision was nice to see, but I lost most of my faith in SCOTUS after the Kelo decision. They sold us down the river with that one...