Friday, December 05, 2008

Remington responds

I noticed over at the War On Guns, David Codrea tells us that he's spoken to Tommy Millner, CEO of Remington and that Remington has talked to HS Precision about the disturbing endorsement in their catalog.
He assures me Remington takes this situation, and lack of response by HS-Precision, very seriously, and completely disapproves of what they have done. He tells me Remington is committed to doing the right thing by their thousands of customers, up to and including changing suppliers if there is no other way to go forward.
That's good news from a truly American firearms company.

I'll be buying another shotgun or two this year and unless I get a great deal on another old Winchester, the leading contender for at least one, and maybe both of them will be Remington Arms.


Old NFO said...

Millner will be all over this one... Rem Mil guys are NOT happy either.

Anonymous said...

My primary shotgun is a Remington 1100 12ga. that I've had since I was a young'un. I recommend them highly.