Thursday, June 08, 2023

Trump Indicted

It's breaking right now that Trump has been indicted.  I've embedded Fox News report on the matter.


Anonymous said...

Kabuki theater.
If he is convicted of a crime, any crime, they can use that to prevent him from running.
The fact they are trying so gawd damned hard is really telling.
I think we all here would agree there is massive election fraud. If the candidate is mild, they only have to cheat a little, and likely to not get caught. And even if they lose, if its a uniparty candidate, who cares? The problem is Trump ain't part of that club, never has been (always wanted to be, thats why he ran!)
The last presidential election, they had to pull out all the stops - collected more vote ballots than they printed! Was amazing! No-fucking-body believes 81 million people voted for him, fewer still will vote for him this time.
The lying and cheating thats going to take place between now and next November will be epic.
Watch RFK Jr., too. You've got people on either side of the aisle that aren't part of the uniparty. This is a real problem for the swamp. They're going to kill some people, you watch. The windup toys are getting wound right now I'd wager.

Anonymous said...

May a nest of fire ants build a nest in the Left's colon. The term 'witchhunt' comes to mind.

Termite said...

If Trump did take secret documents to Florida, I don't understand why he didn't declassify them during his last days as POTUS, when he had the authority to do so.

It doesn't make any sense. Unless it was pure ego.