Thursday, June 15, 2023


 Summer has finally arrived in Louisiana.  Mostly Cajun gave us the jingle "Eighty By Eight" to describe the change in the seasons, and it's 80 on my back porch right now.  8:00 won't be here for another hour. The humidity is stick at 94% and the projected Wind Chill is supposed to be 112F.  In another hour I'm going to hook the trailer to the truck, load the mower and head to the church, where Fred and I are supposed to mow grass.

The weather weenies are calling for stray thunderstorms this afternoon, which makes sense.  Lots of convection and lots of humidity, and you get rain.

It is my firm conviction that the man who did the most to advance civilization during the 20th century was a fellow named Willis Carrier. He invented air conditioning.  That single invention has done more to sustain life than any other, except maybe the discovery of penicillin. Life in the South existed before air conditioning, but at a much slower pace.  Over the years I have spent vast sums to live in a cool house, and I don't consider a penny of that money wasted.


juvat said...

Just spent yesterday afternoon with an AC repairman. Seems the compressor on the house my sister lives in froze and is kaput. Something about not changing the filters all that often. Grrrr! 9 grand and 3 weeks until repair. With a little bit of luck when I ask her if she's changed the filters, she'll say yes, I have.

One can always hope.

Anonymous said...

My maternal Grandmother's house had only a single bedroom with a window A/C unit. To accommodate visitors who were not acclimated to sleeping with non A/c. Grandma slept almost her whole life with only the bedroom window in her bedroom open to night breeze. And that was it. It was eeriely quiet in the house.

Drew458 said...

Agree fully, and I'll throw Jonas Salk's name into the hat. If you're old enough to remember polio you know how it used to be in the summers.

BobF said...

Carrier also almost singlehandedly killed neighborhood communication, the grapevine, and mothers knowing everything about everything going on with EVERYONE's kids. THe A/C went on, the windows and doors closed, and the rest is history.

Anonymous said...

My wife’s maternal grandfather died of polio and her aunt was crippled for life and they told stories about being totally isolated for months with food being left at the foot of the driveway! If the climate change only green energy people have their way the grid will be shut down enough that you will need plan B to air conditioning!

Anonymous said...

I had a very sobering moment re: climate change yesterday. Still reeling.... from the realizations flowing from this experience.
My daughter is attending a big SEC school in the fall, yesterday was orientation. During one of the admins speeches, she mentioned the unlimted combination of major/minors offered, and went on to detail a couple ways students could start a career working on climate change....
I am not a climatard, I know what it means when 'global warming' is re-branded to 'climate change' with a new marketing team - its all a scam! Check the sensor placement 'changes' and dataset 'adjustments' lest you are a victim of the propaganda as well and believe the bullshit.

Here is the epiphany; I am trying to imagine the number of people: 25-50 staff at this university (maybe more?), times hundreds of graduates annually. Multiply that by hundreds of Universities, and then multiply THAT by a logarithmic equation equal to the number of participants in these programs over time from inception 15-ish (?) years ago (have been increasing over the years, rather significantly lately, hence logarithmic).
Thats a LOT of people.
Economically, their entire existence, career, everything, is tied to this notion they labeled 'global warming' until they couldn't fudge the data enough to hide the fact that global temperatures have been dropping for the last 8 years and started calling it 'climate change' instead.

As if the planet's temperature has been a static number these 4.8 billion years....

They are more than just 'vested' in the lie.

Climate change is not going away. It doesn't matter that its fake. So many peoples financial existence depends on supporting the lie. They'll never work to disprove it. And if they happen to, they'll bury and hide the evidence lest anyone else find it!
An entire global industry employing millions of people, involving thousands of companies employing millions more!!! Its like a giant government make-work scam with ideological underpinnings. Dig this hole over here, then fill that one in over there. We have to in order to save the friggin planet!!! (Why is that not farcical to more people simply on the surface I'll never understand... you probably think ants can alter geography, too).
Never going away. It will continue to exist and fragment people, capital, and resources at a greater and greater percentage.