Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Cutting Grass

 There is a rodeo at the church on Friday, so Fred and I decided that we would load our equipment today and mow grass.  Fred's equipment is a Joh Deere tractor with a 5' bushhog.  Mine is that new Toro mower.  Fred cuts the parking areas and I cut inside the arena/spectator area.

When I got to the church this morning, Fred had already unloaded and started mowing.  I did the same.  When I finished mowing, I drove around to the front of the church and found Fred standing in the shade, drinking water.  He had finished and was about to load his tractor.  Perfect timing.

Standing in the shade, talking, Fred mentioned that it was starting to get warm.  I told him that yeah, it wasn't really hot yet, but it was fixing to get really hot.  I came home and ooked at the weather.

Outside right now, it's a balmy 93F. The humidity is at 85% with a wind chill of 119,  It's heading to 101 later today, but I'll be inside, in the AC,  Belle and I are in the shop where the temps are very moderate.  She has something in the oven that is smelling pretty good, and I do believe it's time to take a break.

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Anonymous said...

When I was looking to relocate the family from NY a number of years ago, I KNEW AL, LA, FL, GA, was too hot for me, but TN looked passable. I had a friend who had moved to Nashvegas a few years before, so I called him and asked, how hot is it?
"Last summer we set a record, had 90 days in a row where the temperature didn't drop below 90."


"You mean at night it was not 89?"

At night it did not drop to 89.
We moved to Knoxville area, about 5 degrees cooler!