Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Bribery, Corruption, Unclassified Docs.

Senator Chuck Grassley, the senator from Iowa, tells the Senate that Joe Biden is hopelessly compromised by bribes from the Ukraine energy firm Burisma.  Senator Grassley is not known for hyperbole or making spurious allegations.  Grassley tells us that Bidden has been bribed and that he is hopelessly compromised,  He also tells us that the FBI is playing games with unclassified documents that should be made available to any American who wishes to see it.  

These are historic allegations that should be taken seriously.

In other news, President Trump will also make history today by appearing in a federal court to be arriagned on charges relating to classified documents.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So, the question du jour, is where do we go from here?
Will there be impeachments, indictments, and jail time? If there are, will the doj even prosecute?
I don't think so either.
Then what?
Voat harder (haha!)?
Cheeto Jesus will save us?
That old thirsty tree and what not?
Sigh... not looking good, folks!