Sunday, June 25, 2023

The Hangman Format

 There has been a discussion in the CFDA about match formats.  The standard format of requiring three winning shots in a match has served us well, but sometimes it leads to some interesting conclusions in the rare times where the shooters can't seem to find the target. I have personally witnessed bouts that took over 20 shots to reach conclusion, and I heard recently about a bout that took 44 shots to end the bout.

Quick Cal talked about match formats in his recent article in the Gazette.  Local clubs have broad discretion to try new things, and the Cross Branded Peacemakers  decided to try a new format during our last two monthly matches.  We call it the Hangman format, based on the tradition that it takes 13 wraps of the rope in a properly constructed hangman's knot.

It works like this:  An individual bout is limited to 13 shots  Of course, 3 winning hits will end the bout, but in the event that the shooters expend 13 shots without a win, the bout is decided by whomever has the higher score. In the event of a tie, both shooters get an X on their scorecard.  It's not complicated.

The Peacemakers have been using this format for two month.  We normally have a dozen shooters at a match.  Here is what we have learned.  The basic idea of having a shot limit tends to focus the shooter on hitting the target.  In two months of shooting this format, we have not yet reached the 13 shot limit, and all bouts have been decided by 3 winning hits. The shooters like this format much more than the Nevada 8, which has also served us well over the years but leads to some unsatisfying conclusions.

I'm putting this out for general discussion, and letting the Association know that the Cross Branded Peacemakers like the Hangman format a lot better than other formats we have tried.  It is something to think about. If you are coming to Louisiana State in July, you will get a chance to try the Hangman format during the Bracket Matches.

Draw and Fire.


Anonymous said...

I like it!
Hoosier Daddy

Alan said...

Aesthetically, I don't like the hangman's noose with thirteen turns. It just looks way too long.

I prefer seven, think it looks better. Still has the bulk to accomplish the task, and less friction for tightening.

Haven't tested seven v. thirteen for function though.

Hankerin’ Hank said...

I like it. I think we’ll give this a try at the Old Pueblo Gunfighters.
Hankerin’. Hank