Tuesday, June 13, 2023


 While the rest of the South deals with feral hogs, it seems that the residents of Miami deal with feral chickens.  Fox News highlighted it this morning during their coverage of the federal courthouse where Donald Trump will be arraigned. Yeah, it seems that there was a small flock wandering the grounds of the courthouse where the reporter was yapping.

A quick Google search shows that feral chickens are t thing in Miami.


Old NFO said...

And in Hawaii too! ESPECIALLY Kauai... sigh

Termite said...

What Old NFO said.

Feral chickens EVERYWHERE on Oahu. We hiked up to Likeke Falls, and there was a rooster at the waterfall.

We went to Waimea Bay beach...there were chickens in the parking lot, along the road, etc.

Robert said...

Y'know, chickens might be edible.