Friday, June 23, 2023

Mower Belts

Y'all might recall that I bought a new mower earlier this month. This morning I slung a belt, trying to push the mower past it's design specs.  I took the old belt off and went to the dealer.  Everything these days is make, model, serial number, but the service guy finally found a belt.  Turns out it is a 1/2" X141.5"  Now you know that and so do I.

That's the way we used to buy belts, by width and length, not by part number.  Got home, changed the belt, then did a quick Amazon search.  Sure enough, I found it.  Linky here, for less than half of what the dealer charged me.  While I'm at it, the belt he sold me is a Rotary Corp #12-14733.

I put stuff like this in the blog so I can search it later.


B said...

If the mower has a clutch, rather than slip start, I have found that the Gates industrial belts are significantly better than most consumer grade mower belts. Pretty much the same money and they last forever.
Often the tensioner can make up for a half inch difference in sizing as well, which is something to keep in mind when looking.

Anonymous said...

I too shop at my local mower repair place, on purpose! Yes, he charges about double what daNile will bring it to me tomorrow. But Jimmy Bezos can't get me that OEM part today, this afternoon, so I can finish my project. He can't do jack about my chainsaw or weed eater, either. The guy down the road solve all 3 problems! His kid graduated from the local high school, same class as my daughter. I see him at local ball games. Never seen Jimmy Bezos here, not once, ever. Do you know who gave a $500 sponsorship to my kids softball team? Not Jimmy.

You spend your money where you want to, America is still a somewhat free country. I happily pay 5 dollars for a 3 dollar chain file. I know where my 2 bucks went! It wasn't Jimmys yacht, I can tell you that.

People need to realize where their money goes when they spend it. Do you support that giant warehouse that sets the bottom of the barrel of the local payscale? Do you shop at wally world and complain about all the chinese garbage in this country? Let me introduce you to a concept known as 'cause and effect'.