Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Smoky Northeast

 Evidently, a bunch of wildfires in Canada is causing smoky conditions in the Northeast.

A thick veil of Canadian wildfire smoke is spreading south over much of the Midwest, Ohio Valley, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, bringing milky-white skies and dangerous air pollution to the most populous corridor of the country. Fine particles contained within the smoke, hazardous to breathe, have prompted air quality alerts for tens of millions of people from South Carolina to New Hampshire.

Makes it hard to breathe.  Then Canucks need to stomp those fires out. 

The Red Dirt National Wildlife Management Preserve in Natchitoches parish, LA used to catch fire about every five years.  It cast a pall of smoke across southern Natchitoches parish.  I lived near the preserve, and I know what those pore folks are going through.

And, no, it ain't climate change.  It's poor forest management. Too much dead fuel on the ground, and suddenly you have a fire. It's the way the forest rejuvenates itself, and it's as natural as rain, which will put out the fire.

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Anonymous said...

You know the whole debate is illustrative, and may have lessons for other places we fight this battle?
The problem started ages ago with changes to forrest management techniques. We used to regulalrly control burn, etc., no problems! Then it was stopped, under the guise of climate change (tho back then 'global warming' was the euphamism).
To argue these changes are/were effective is nonsensical, nigh impossible. Yet the argument surrounding climate is held to unwavering. Abject failure, they double down.
So rather than debate the pillar with people (aka forrest managemrnt techniques), we should be attacking the foundation, e.g. climate change. The pillar of modern forrest management can not stand if the foundation of climate change isn't the existential threat its played out to be.
Likewise we experience all sorts of issues socially and politically today. Yet instead of attacking the foundation, we focus on a single pillar. The Left then declares victory (same method they use to establish all their platforms - declare and censor debate), and moves the debate onto the next tree in the forrest. All built on the same foundational lie, but now with supporting elements.
See J6 if you don't understand how this works yet... you see, if the election fraud was acknowledged and recognized, the idea of an insurrection vaporizes, but thats not allowed to happen, you can't have a discussion about it, and exculpatory evidence is actively being suppressed...
See the pattern yet?