Tuesday, June 27, 2023


 The weather is brutal today.  Currently, at 9:00 am, we are at 85F and 83% humidity.  It's like walking into a warm, wet blanket when you step outside.  Later today will be even worse.

That is 102 with a wind chill of 115,  Life threatening.  Luckily, Belle and I had the foresight to invest in some of Mr. Carrier's devices and we will be running them today.  Wide open.  At temps like this, the humidity is murderous. It's not air, it is low pressure steam.


Anonymous said...

I feel you Paw Paw. If you need to spend extended time outdoors, a canteen of cold water or Gator-Aid sports drink is highly recommended. If you have available shade - for Chris Sake use it as long as possible.

And make sure your outdoor pets - livestock have access to water too. A child's wading pool in a shady area is appreciated by many dogs, who will lay in it and just chill.

Anonymous said...

what it was like in dfw area the last 2 days...hotter tomorrow with some lower dew points finally...