Thursday, June 01, 2023

Mowing Grass

 I mowed the grass at home on Tuesday, and loaded the Scag on the trailer and took it to the church today. The mower acted wonky both times.  It smokes like a tar bucket, which I find odd, because we put a compression tester on it a month or so ago, and it has good compression.  Very good.  This is not the engine that came on the mower.  This mower is an old Skag Wildcat that has been rebuilt a time or two.  It currently runs a Briggs engine. And, the longer you mow, the less power you have.  I think it's a carburetor issue.  And, if it's cold, it is hard to start.

I have two sons who are pretty good mechanics, and one of them lives on the family property. He needs a lawn mower, and I think he is about to get the Scag.  It was originally his, and I bought it from him when he moved to New Mexico.  He's back now.

All this to say that I'm currently looking for a new zero-turn mower.  I cut about a half acre per week at home, and every two weeks, I cut an acre or so at the church.  I don't want a big mower because me little utility trailer is 60 inches wide.  Anything I buy must fit on that trailer.  I'm looking at the Bad Boy machines that they sell at Tractor Supply.  Bad Boy seems to be a quality build, and I can get into one for about $4K.  

Tomorrow is full, and I don't know what the weekend might bring.  Early next week, I'll make it over to Tractor Supply and see what they have on the lot.


Termite said...

Might take a look at what All Seasons has in stock

Anonymous said...

Look at the Spartan lineup. I run the RZHD 60”. Cutting 2-3 acres every week or two.

Anonymous said...

Starting on the third grass season using a 54 inch cutting width Bad Boy. Have been satisfied with the mavhine. Regular maintenance is all that has been done to it.

Anonymous said...

Love my Exmark. 2nd one I've owned, all I'll buy now.

gfrey said...

I have a bad boy MZ magnum, 725 cc motor.... (check if you get the sealed transaxle or the one you can replace the lube in... mine is sealed. not sure which is better.)

My 48" has me mowing my 1.5 acres in less than 1/2 the time a 42 standard lawn mower did!